Dans: afro-cubansk, rumba, salsa, son, cha-cha-cha m.m
Sted: Oslo
Født: Cuba  |  +47 932 69 561  |  Facebook

Bakgrunn fra ulike dansekompanier på Cuba, bl.a. Raices Profundas.
Har arbeidet med cubansk dans og kultur siden han kom til Norge i 1999.

Artist på følgende festivaler:

  • Hot Salsa Weekend, Oslo/Norway 2007
  • Tromsø International Salsa Congress, Tromsø/Norway 2007
  • New Jersey International Salsa Congress, NJ/US 2010
  • Festival de Guaguancó, Barcelona/Spain 2010
  • Hot Cuban Salsa Weekend, Copenhagen/Denmark 2010

Fast danseinstruktør for RIKSKONSERTENE på BARNAS VERDENSDAGER gjennom flere år.

I come from a family of musicians and have been dancing since I was a child.
In 1988 I started to dance in the «Gaviota S.A» company. There I learned modern dance, ballet and Afro Cuban dances.
I want to mention my first teacher from this company, who is a great dancer: Dayami Pelladito, daughter and niece of the Pelladito Brothers from Folclorico Nacional, Havana. She was the founder of the group «Omo Olorun».
At the same time I attended the classes of a great dancer called Baró. He teaches Contemporary Dances and Popular Dances. He was the founder of Conjunto Folclorico de las Far.
In 1990 I joined an amateur group called «Omi Lari«, which means «Hair in the water» in the Yoruba-language. While I was with this group I also attended classes in Afro Cuban dance at the Folclórico Nacional in Havana. The director of «Omi Lari» was Miguel Rovina, one of the founders of Folclorico Nacional, Havana.
In 1992 I joined a professional group called «Raíses Profundas» which means «Deep Roots». There I danced Afro Cubano and Son for 4 years. The founder and director of this group was Juan de Dios Ramos, one of the founders of Folclorico Nacional, Havana. The palo- and yoruba teacher of this group was Concha. She is also one of the founders of Folclorico Nacional, Havana.
I came to Norway in 1999, and in 2000 I started to teach cuban Salsa and Afro Cuban dance here. Since then I’ve worked with Kom og Dans, Oslo Salsaklubb at Terpsichore, Salseros, Elixia, Danseglede, Bårdar and several other places outside Oslo, doing dance lessons and dance shows.
I have participated in several salsa-competitions, and was the first to introduce Cuban Rumba, Cuban Son, Cuban Yoruba and Cuban Cha-cha-cha in Norway.